Saltwater Fishing 101

In saltwater fishing 101 our goal is to provide the basic knowledge and skill set needed to become a great saltwater angler. Upon completion of the class, you will have the confidence to head out for a successful day of saltwater fishing with your instructors. Topics such as knot tying , tackle options and fish I.D. are but a few that will be covered. All our classes are designed so that whether you are a beginner fisherman or seasoned one, you can walk away with some new knowledge and skills to make you a better angler. A variety of teaching techniques are included in our classes, from lectures to videos and hands on learning. These make our classes educational, informative and just plain fun! Our instructors have well over 200 years of combined fishing experience and are willing to share that knowledge with you.

Saltwater Fishing 201

During our 201 class, we'll dive deep into species specific saltwater angling. If you want to target a specific species such as Tarpon, Snook, Trout or Redfish, these classes are for you. We will discuss topics such as fish patterns and water type, along with locations to slow down to help you find more fish. We will show you how to use a nautical chart to eliminate dead water and recognize specific areas that each species would use or feed in. We will also dive deeper into tide charts, moon phases and other natural events that affect fish behavior. We'll take a more in depth look at bait selection depending on the fish's location and water clarity. This class is a must for any angler wanting in-depth knowledge for species specific fishing. Our goal is to help you become the best angler you can be! The only thing needed to attend this class is a willingness to learn and a desire to be a better angler.

What You'll Learn:

  • Boating Safety: The do's and don'ts of operating a marine vessel. 

  • Fish Identification: You'll be able to tell a Trout from a Redfish, but you'll be able to differentiate between the various species of each type of fish.

  • Casting: You'll learn how to effectively and accurately cast your fishing rod.

  • Fishing Laws & Ethics: We'll teach you about the various rules and regulations that you'll have to observe, as well as proper fishing etiquette.

  • Tackle: You'll learn about the various types of bait and tackle, and when to use them.

  • Cast-Netting: You'll master the delicate and precise art of throwing a cast-net.