“The single purpose of this all volunteer non-profit ministry is to share God’s love
with the youth of our community through fishing."

Greg Sexton

The YF4C Ministry Board

Greg Sexton

“I am a follower of Christ who loves to fish and share God’ love with young people."

Homer Latham

“I have a great love for Jesus Christ and fishing. In this ministry, I get to share both loves with young people"

Robert Cox

“Is this thing on….?

ah . . . yes I do make my own STINK bait"

Lee Browning

"As a believer in Christ,  I really really enjoy fishing and experiencing the wonder of  God’s creation while on the water."

Zach Sandrock

“I am an avid fishermen and family man with the desire to share his knowledge to teach the next generation of Godly fisherman."

Jim Rainer

Job Description

Jesus said, "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

We are thankful for the consistent and generous support from our partners.